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The Splash Pool brand has been one of the highest quality aboveground pools in the industry since the early 70s and is manufactured right here in the U.S! Thanks to a robust liner that is second to none in the industry, and accompanied with a 7–20-year warranty, most owners of these pools are experiencing ownership of 15-20 years on average! In our experience most of these pools are only replaced when the weather has beaten on them for nearly two decades and not because of a failure due to functionality.

The quality, rugged design, durability, and a price point tens of thousands of dollars less than an inground pool, it’s hard to beat; matter of fact, it’s the reason Splash Pool is the official aboveground pool for the dog diving community. We personally have installed a 49’ Splash pool for Doggy Day Care in Austin. Not only does this aboveground pool possess the highest durability but often can be installed in a single day and ready to swim and enjoy under 48 hours on average.

If you’re looking for a quality, long lasting aboveground pool; look no further, and go with the pool that has been proven in the best way possible…. with time and continued enjoyable use!

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