Swimspa Vitality 60


  • Type: Hot tub
  • Dimensions: 279″ X 89″
  • Depth: 60″
  • Seats: 8
  • Loungers: N/A
  • Jets: 77
  • Gallons: 3,963
  • Dry Weight: 3859

The long swim lane of the Swimspa Vitality 60” is equipped with Passion Spas’ unique River Swim System™ and Current-lift Technology™. The spa is equipped with deep and wide bucket seats, with each seat being packed with a different therapy function. Aqua Rolling Massage, Wave Therapy Zone, Intense Therapy Zone & Waterfall Massage are all included in this impressive array of therapy zones. These varied massages are propriety to Passion Spas and deliver a varied mix of unique massage therapies. The swimspa Vitality also comes with a Swim Assist Tether and a specially designed Fitness Seat to use the rowing gear and the fitness handles. Because of the Dual Zone heating you can conduct your fitness training at a cool temperature, and then enjoy the massage functions at a hot soothing temperature.

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Type: Hot Tub
Dimensions: 279″ X 89″
Seats: 8
Loungers: N/A