Spa Rewind


  • Type: Hot tub
  • Dimensions: 80″ X 80″
  • Depth: 34″
  • Seats: 7
  • Loungers: N/A
  • Jets: 56
  • Gallons: 390
  • Dry Weight: 573

The Rewind is a barrier-free spa that has recently joined the Pure Collection. Many of our customers have asked for a spa that has full seating and freedom of movement. We presented this challenge to our awesome design department and Rewind is what they delivered. As you can see, it is “mission accomplished,” as the Rewind is very spacious, with 35” height, yet retains all of the massage and therapy functions that are inherent in a Passion Spa! In addition to a nice variety of 56 high-performance massage jets, the Rewind includes Dual Source Heating, Led Lights, Easy clean Shield, Energy Efficient Filtration Pump, Ozone Generation, Aromatherapy, Soft Air Massage System, Walk-on Cover and soft head rests… everything the Pure Collection is famous for!

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Type: Hot Tub
Dimensions: 80″ X 80″
Seats: 7
Loungers: N/A