Spa Relax


  • Type: Hot tub
  • Dimensions: 80″ X 80″
  • Depth: 35″
  • Seats: 3
  • Loungers: 2
  • Jets: 36
  • Gallons: 390
  • Dry Weight: 573

With three bucket seats and two full-size loungers, the Relax Spa is an optimal choice for spending time with family and friends. The loungers have been designed to provide additional lumbar support. Also the loungers have different heights to accommodate individuals of various lengths, making it comfortable for everyone to use. Passion Spas worked with professionals from the recliner industry to create this unique design. Additionally, adjustable jets allow you to control the intensity of your hydrotherapy experience, and the unit also features an Ozone Sanitation System for exceptional water quality. As a whole, the Relax Spa is a cost-effective, energy-effective, high-performance investment in healthful relaxation.

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Type: Hot Tub
Dimensions: 80″ X 80″
Seats: 3
Loungers: 2