Spa Heart


  • Type: Hot tub
  • Dimensions: 83 X 67
  • Depth: 31″
  • Seats: 2
  • Loungers: N/A
  • Jets: 30
  • Gallons: 211
  • Dry Weight: 441

The Spa Heart is a true piece of art from the Passion Spas design department. The two comfortable seats each offer a completely different massage experience which you can enjoy together with your partner or friend. The Heart offers our patented and proprietary Aqua Rolling Massage™, which is similar to the powerful strokes of a massage therapist, starting at your lower back and working its way up to your neck. The great advantage of having this massage feature is that deeply renewing massage therapy is available 24 hours a day, no appointment necessary! The beautiful LED Lighting also provides an enchanting experience and ensures that every night will be a ’date night’.

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Type: Hot Tub
Dimensions: 83 X 67
Seats: 2
Loungers: N/A