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Splash pools are a popular choice for homeowners who want to enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool without investing in an expensive, in-ground pool. They are a great option for people who have limited backyard space and want to add a water feature to their yard without breaking the bank. But, like any pool, people are curious about how long splash pools typically last. In this blog post, we’ll explore that question and provide you with information about how Pools, Spas & Patios LLC can help you maintain your splash pool and prolong its life.


The answer to the longevity question of a splash pool primarily depends on the maintenance and care it receives. Typically, a well-maintained splash pool can last up to 15-20 years. The lifespan of a splash pool may vary depending on various factors such as how it’s used, and weather.


However, proper pool maintenance is critical to ensuring the longevity of your splash pool. It includes regular cleaning and testing of your pool’s chemical levels. Regular maintenance can help to identify any issues early on, so they can be addressed before causing further damage. Your splash pool’s maintenance needs may differ depending on the climate, the frequency of use, and even location. In high traffic areas, you will need to clean the splash pool more frequently, and in more extreme weather climates, more care is necessary to prevent damage.


Importantly, Pools, Spas & Patios LLC can help you with the installation, maintenance, and repair of your splash pool. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality services that guarantee the longevity of your splash pool. Our team of experts can advise you on the proper care and maintenance required to keep your splash pool in top condition.


At Pools, Spas & Patios LLC, our splash pools are built to last and are guaranteed to provide you with a great pool experience. Our attention to detail and use of reputable brands ensure that your splash pool will remain in excellent working condition and, as a result, last longer.


In conclusion, a splash pool’s life span ranges from 5 to 10 years, provided it is well taken care of. Proper maintenance, cleaning and regular inspections all contribute to prolonging its lifespan. Choosing the right pool builder is critical, as a badly built pool will struggle to last as long as a well-designed and planned one. Pools, Spas & Patios LLC is here to help maintain your splash pool and repair it if necessary. If you’re in need of Splash Pools services, you can rely on us. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and we’ll help you build and maintain a high-quality, long-lasting splash pool.