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A splash pool is the perfect addition to any backyard for families who love to swim and have fun. These types of pools are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want an affordable and space-efficient option for outdoor water entertainment. But, what exactly is a splash pool? If you’re curious about this exciting outdoor feature, read on to find out everything you need to know about splash pools.

What is a Splash Pool?

A splash pool is a small above-ground pool filled with water, used for recreational purposes and not for swimming laps. This type of pool is perfect for children as they can play and splash around in the water safely. Splash pools vary in size and shapes, and you can easily install them in your backyard. They are different from in-ground pools because they are shallower and have a smaller surface area, making them easier to maintain.

Design Options

Splash pools are versatile when it comes to design options. You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, including fiberglass, vinyl, and concrete. Because of their smaller size, they are ideal for families with limited space or those that want to avoid the cost of installing a larger pool. You can even customize your splash pool to suit any style or design you prefer.


Splash pools are cost-effective compared to in-ground swimming pools, which are often more expensive. The cost of a splash pool depends on the size, design, and material you choose. However, they are generally much less costly than in-ground swimming pools, making them an excellent option for families on a budget.

In summary, if you’re looking for an affordable and low-maintenance way to add water entertainment to your backyard, then a splash pool could be the perfect addition. Splash pools are small, shallow, and ideal for children who will love to play and splash in the water. With their versatility and range of design options, you can find the perfect splash pool to suit your family’s needs. Reach out to POOLS SPAS AND PATIOS LLC to help you install a splash pool today.